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Custom Design Jewelry


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Why Buy Custom Design Jewelry Online?

When you want to give someone a unique gift, custom design jewelry is a great option. It is more meaningful than mass-produced jewelry, and you'll be able to pass on a little piece of your personality to the lucky person of choice.  You can present your ideas in the form of pictures and sketches, choose from pre-existing products, and we tweak your ideas to fit your tastes.  Custom design jewelry can also be presented in person, so you can be able to see them before buying.

Personalized Jewelry Is a Great Gift

There are several ways to personalize a piece of jewelry. For example, you can choose to have the name or initials of the recipient inscribed on a signet ring, or you can pick a pendant that commemorates a childhood memory. If you're looking for a thoughtful gift idea, personalized jewelry is a great option.

Customized jewelry can also be worn to symbolize a special occasion, like an anniversary. A personalized ring can also symbolize love with a favorite gemstone. Or create a necklace with birthstones for a special someone. Personalized jewelry can be an excellent choice for any occasion and can help convey your heartfelt sentiments.

Traditionally, personalized jewelry was associated with social class and family ties. Today, however, custom jewelry is more about personal style and personality. We, as of your Jewelry designer spend time and effort creating one-of-a-kind pieces, making them extra special. It is also an excellent gift idea for thoughtful people who like to express themselves.
When you gift customized jewelry, you will show your thoughtfulness and/or commitment. Moreover, custom-made jewelry is made with top-quality materials, like White or Yellow gold or Platinum, which makes it a great, timeless gift. And the receiver can treasure the piece for eternity. In addition to being beautiful, it will also hold sentimental value, and will serve as a reminder of special events and times.

It's More Meaningful Than Mass-Produced Jewelry

Custom design jewelry is a way to personalize a piece.  While mass-produced jewelry has its appeal, it's not as original as handcrafted pieces.  Mass-produced jewelry is created by machines in assembly lines, often by workers with little skill.  This method means that a high volume of jewelry is created over time.  In contrast, handcrafted jewelry is made by a skilled artisan.

Besides being more meaningful, buying handcrafted products helps support small business.  This in turn supports the local economy.  When you purchase a piece of jewelry made by a small business, you're not supporting an out-of-town factory, which could employ unethical practices. European Fine Jewelry as an Artisan jewelers also work with local products and people, preserving the environment.

Creating and Designing jewelry that is uniquely unique, custom design allows consumers to be involved in the design process.  For example, one couple had their wedding bands sculpted into the shape of an undulating river, a representation of the ever-changing flow of their life.  The rings were set with small diamond, sapphires, ruby or emerald which mirror the way rocks can be found in rivers.  The couple were married by the river, where they could admire the beauty of the landscape.

Further, custom design jewelry is more meaningful than mass-produced pieces. Whether it's an engagement ring, a wedding band, or a necklace, custom-designed jewelry will be uniquely meaningful.  Custom-made jewelry is personalized to the individual wearer, which creates a lasting memory.

Additionally, handmade jewelry is more durable.  Handmade jewelry is often free of defects that can occur in mass-produced jewelry operations and is more satisfying to own.

A Wonderful Way to Pass on A Piece of You to Your Children

Using the Internet to design and manufacture jewelry has several advantages.  One of them is the ability to create beautiful, personalized jewelry in the comfort of your home.  The design process is relatively easy and is oftentimes free.  

Simply submit the design to the European Fine Jewelry and the process of creating the jewelry according to your specifications begins.  In some cases, you will be asked to make a payment or deposit for the design.  In that case, you can pay European Fine Jewelry through an invoice or online.  Once the manufacturing process is complete, you will receive your personalized jewelry in the mail.

Our Jewelry design process is very simple.
1-Book an Appointment
By calling or e-mail Schedule a meeting to discuss your jewelry design options, timeline, and budget
View the sketches eighter you provided it to us, or we designed it for you and our estimates and follow by provide feedback to us. We'll revise until we're satisfied with the design and, if necessary, source additional diamonds or colored stones.
Your jewelry is 3D CAD-designed and meticulously engineered, cast in Yellow, White gold or a platinum and the diamonds or colored stones are set by hand.
Your personalized jewelry is complete! And ready to delivery.
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